This is the online home for members of the Bishop Kenny Class of 1966. It’s the place to connect, share photos, memories and more. Welcome!


3 Responses to About

  1. Susan Woods says:

    Thank you, Jane, for giving us this wonderful site. I relived the reunion through your wonderful photos. I’m hoping to see this site grow and grow and all of our classmates add their photos and comments. Thanks to all who came and made it such a memorable evening.
    Susan Woods

  2. Chris Barry says:

    This so awesome Jane and impressive; the highest compliment we can pay you is to use it. It will provide an excellent conduit to stay in touch with one another, share our families’ successes and through this website provide everyone a feeling of connection to past, present and God willing future.

  3. To all my classmates:
    So sorry I could not be in attendance for the reunion. The annual meeting of our society was during the same time in Denver and I was giving a presentation on some new Facial Filler techniques that we are using. From the looks of it, I missed a great time. Looking forward to the “Big One” coming next. It will be nice to see some ‘old’ friends and catch up. Remembering Jonathan Winter’s comments: “I know I’m in the third quarter and I’m hoping for overtime!” Be well and keep in touch. Great pics.

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