Weekend Update (with Jane Clifford, not Jane Curtin)

A few people have asked about dress code for the reunion. Well, suffice it to say, ladies, we won’t have any of you kneeling down in the hall to be sure your skirt touches the floor and, guys, if your hair touches the back of your collar, that’s OK, too. Bottom line, the whole weekend is “beach and/or dressy casual” but, unlike our BK days, you get to decide what to wear.

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3 Responses to Weekend Update (with Jane Clifford, not Jane Curtin)

  1. Charlyne Raymond Carruth says:

    I am so going to miss being with everyone this weekend! Please give my love to all…take lots of pictures and post them. Party like we did 50 years ago!!! 😘😘

  2. Barbara Rose Bowers says:

    Lol. That’s funny Jane. I still remember kneeling on the floor during skirt checks.

  3. Mary Kight says:

    Don’t know where my previous post went!

    My congrats to the committee for a job well done. It was obvious that this was done from the heart and with love. The venue was great, food was nice, cash bar the ONLY way to go! The Saturday night recalling of old stories was fun. I loved seeing my classmates!

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