Got pix?

Hi everyone …
Just got some new “historical” photos that I thought you might enjoy.
The one of Jane Clifford and Chris Barry is from Chris’ collection. We were on the playground at St. Paul’s in Riverside.
The next two Chris sent are from Lizanne Corrigan Bomhard’s old photos and feature her, Chris, Janet Huffman and Linda Musco DuBois. Just looking at those Kenny skirts made me itchy.
If you have old photos you can scan and email to me, I’m happy to put them up on the site. Just be sure to tell me who’s in them since we’ve all changed (just a little) over the years.
Jane Clifford

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7 Responses to Got pix?

  1. Lizanne says:

    Jane! How wonderful that you created this for all of us! Thank you so much!! Lizanne Corrigan Bomhard (Orlando, FL)

  2. Larry McCarthy says:

    Thank you setting this up. Looking forward to attending the 50th!

  3. Phil Wessels says:

    Thanks to you and your organizing committee for thinking of this. Some of us aren’t on Face Book but can still comment. 50 years have passed and its good to see how many of our class still stay connected.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Phil. And feel free to post more thoughts and/or add photos others might enjoy.

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