Responses to the Reunion Committee

Here are some of the e-mails the committee has received. Feel free to add yours by clicking on “Leave A Comment:”

It would be great to get together for a weekend and catch up. Count me in and let me know how I might help

Cathy Morris Alterman, ne Reeks, Esq.

Thank you to all the team for your organizing the reunion. I loved it and was so happy to see everyone.
As some of us discussed at the 45th…..the 50th is a biggie…will prob be a weekend….so it would be nice to have it in a hotel so we do not have to drive after the party…..and it would be great to have it on the beach so during the non-party time we could get together and socialize by the pool. June would be great….after graduation times for the schools….yes some of us have grandchildren commitments!!!!! Would love to hear other ideas!!!! I’m excited already!
Pat Bludworth

Thank you, Susan, and all who worked on the reunion. I was so sorry to miss it. Can’t wait to see the pictures! My only thought on the 50th reunion is that hopefully the date can be set early.
Kathy Chamberlain

Dear Reunion Committee:

I too enjoyed myself and seeing all of you there. The work and dedication that the committee devoted to this effort is so appreciated. I too agree with Pat that perhaps a beach hotel during June would be a good idea, not so sure about hanging around the pool… somethings are better not seen, speaking for me personally! 🙂 Perhaps there are some tasks that those of us that do not live in Jacksonville could assist the committee with, I am volunteering my services.

I have attached a few photos (WHICH YOU CAN SEE IN A PREVIOUS POST), we all look marvelous!! Again my thanks to all of you.

Warm regards,

Chris Barry

Oh what great pictures! Like a blast from the past! I also agree that getting together in June is a great idea. Count me in to help in anyway that I can from South Florida?? But I also agree that sitting by the pool…in a bathing suit….in the heat….???? Maybe inside the hotel….in air-conditioing…with a margarita and good, good friends!!

The years have been great to you all…….I would have recognized Tommy Anson and Donny Pellicer in a heart beat! You girls look terrific! Gosh I am sooooo sorry I had to miss the party!

Can’t wait for all the other pictures!
Miss you and love,
Charlyne Raymond Carruth

Okay – so I have been reading your 50th reunion suggestions. I have to agree with the latest from Charlyne – why not meet next to a glacier so we can wear MORE clothes rather than less.

Kathy Cavitt

Thanks Chris for sharing those pics. Now I am REALLY sorry I had to missed the reunion. Don Pellicier is still the Don Pellicier I remember. I am with Charlyne – give me a cool place, a good margarita and wonderful old friends and I will be there!!!

Barbara Rose Bowers

Wow! Fantastic photos!! Nicely done, committee members. Wish I could have joined you all but I had some minor foot surgery the day before and had to stay elevated (only my foot though). It looks like everyone had a great time. I will be sure not to miss the next event…our 50th??? Is that possible??? It was great to see you all, at least in photos.

Pat Corrado


Thank you for all the work you have done. These websites are great!

Pamela Simon Bush

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2 Responses to Responses to the Reunion Committee

  1. Chris Barry says:

    This so awesome Jane and impressive; the highest compliment we can pay you is to use it. It will provide an excellent conduit to stay in touch with one another, share our families’ successes and through this website provide everyone a feeling of connection to past, present and God willing future.

  2. Thanks, Chris. And I do hope we all use it. It will be an easy, yet wonderful way to stay in touch.

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