Hello classmates!

Welcome to the Class of ’66 blog. You can shoot the breeze with friends, upload photos and, well, whatever you like. It’s our space, let’s make the most of it.

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3 Responses to Hello classmates!

  1. Susan Woods says:

    Thank you, Jane, for giving us this wonderful site. I relived the reunion through your wonderful photos. I’m hoping to see this site grow and grow and all of our classmates add their photos and comments. Thanks to all who came and made it such a memorable evening.
    Susan Woods

  2. Nancy Hyer Adamson says:

    Sorry I missed the reunion, but loved the pictures and yes, what a blast from the past! I have not lived in Jacksonville since graduating from college and have really lost contact with many high school friends.

    I live in Kentucky with my husband of 37 years. Jim retired from the Navy and now teaches at the university here. Our youngest son was injured while serving in the Army almost 3 yrs ago. We spent 18 months in the hospital and have had him home since May 2010. I retired from teaching to take care of him so traveling these days is very limited for us.

    Will enjoy keeping up with the website and hope many will add updates.

  3. Vic Morgan says:

    Hadn’t had that much fun since skipp’in school to go surf’in, . I had re-occurring dreams about T.J. grabbing me by the hair until deep into my 30’s. I decided to skip going to sleep when I got home from the party. Anyone that wants to visit my Rare Asian Mt.Tortoises reserve. “Defying Destiny” St. Aug.Fl. feel free to contact me at victortois@bellsouth.net. My soul mate and time traveler Debi Carmichael, (Engelwood Calss of 72,) had a good time too. I knew her from Access 5 when she was 16, and she came by to visit 8 yrs ago and stayed! Vic (Gary) Morgan.

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